Welcome! <3
Welcome, one and all to my site. ‘Glad you could make it – really. Alright, alright! I know this is corny… But give me a break! I’m not too good with these website things! Hm, ‘nuff said. If ya like the look of this site, then great! Have a nosey. If not, well, bugger off. Don’t complain, don’t waste your own, valuable time. J

Who am I?
The most evil and beautiful sorceress to have ever set foot on this worthless planet… Bwaaahahaha…! Eh, naw. I am me, widely known by the alias of ‘Kyra Silverlight’. However, my real name is—Ah-ha! Gotcha’! Sorry, but Rule #2 is in effect here! ><; [No Names]

Humm… Navigation is on the little box to the side. Hope you like the site, and, just for an excuse, I’m gonna add a little ‘online journal’ thing, here. And yes, will will include all of my rants!!


Oh, yay. I started this webpage. I feel so speshul! <333

Big shout-out to everyone I know; and a big Happy Birthday to Jenny! (And also a big sorry because I wasn’t able to come to your party…>>;).  How’s life? Well, it’s alright. Has been better, and has been worse. SSDD. Lotz o’ luff out to Dranik D’Rouge, the love of muh IC life! <333 And to Narisa, who is away on holiday right now.D: Luff ya ‘sis!

Cheers, this is sick. I’m outta here…


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